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Our platforms:

Breach TV - Our first online service, we tackled other video sharing sites' issues and have successfully built a general purpose platform for ALL creators, large and small to share their talent with the world.  With industry leading revenue share, relaxed terms of service for monetization, Breach TV is the place to be for your online video sharing needs.
Breach FM Breach FM
Our second endeavor is geared towards to the independent musician looking to get his music on the internet.  We've been able to secure licensing deals with Rumblefish and ASCAP to allow musicians to record covers of songs for streaming and sale.  Gig finder to help these bands and talent buyers discover each other and leave a rating system for others to see. 
For those that want an even more interactive audience, we bring you Breach LIVE.  This one to many distribution platform allows a user to broadcast themselves live.  Streamed content can also be saved for future video on demand viewing. 
A concept that's been many years in the coming.  A moderated many to many broadcast stream where a room admin moderates who has broadcasting privileges.   Room admins will have the ability to monetize their rooms via video ads at their choosing.  We're very excited for this product and look forward to an extensive beta test this summer.  As with Live, streamed content will be available for future video on demand viewing.