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Breach was founded in 2016 as a concept to give creators, small and large, a new platform to showcase their talents and expertise. A platform that reduced as much of the red-tape as possible, while maintaining compliance with our wonderful advertising partners.  This has allowed us to begin expanding from just a video platform, to doing music for unsigned and signed artists, live streaming with VOD recording and many other platforms.  Join the growing wave of content creators, podcast networks and other talent in making your own waves with Breach.  Monetization rules start from day one, play one. 
Check out the industry experts who have made Breach possible
Richard Adams, CEO and Founder
Richard Adams, CEO and Founder
Richard comes from a 20 plus year career of IT work.  When the project was proposed, he knew he had found his calling and was immediately open to starting the project.  As time passed, partners came and left, but Richard's end goal remains to this day.
You can find some of Richard's content on BreachTV at
    Amy Jordan, Social Media Engineer
TBD, Social Media Engineer
We will be adding a Social Media  specialist in the near future to further enhance our interaction with our wonderful user base.  Stay tuned!
Special thanks to those that have contributed ideas, thoughts and other assets to this project.  Without those contributions, we would not be where we are today.